• Do you need help standing out in the TOURISM INDUSTRY? We can help!
    • Being a Florida based company we get Tourism and love supporting the industry. Do you run a tourism department or operate a tourism destination and need some additional expertise to keep your expenses down? Hiring us is like hiring your own communications team. Or if you have a tourism destination and need to generate more interest in your property or website, T1 Public Relations can make a difference.
      • How do you stand out in the Tourism Industry with so many places people can spend their money?
      • Are you marketing to your target audience, are you doing what you can to generate free publicity?
      • These are all things that as an operator of a small/medium business you don’t have time to do and often times you can’t afford to hire a communications team.
  • T1 Public Relations specializes in supporting the Tourism Industry with special packages that can put your location on target with potential customers.
  • T1 Public Relations is working to become Tourism Industry’s #1 support team
  • Reach out to our account representatives to see how we can help
  • Public Relations Image Campaigns for Tourism Industry, County and Local Government, Business, and Non-Profits.

We can help your resort or attraction to get you more attention?

Get more exposure for your County or City!

Boost your existing communications team by hiring the experience of T1 Public Relations.

Did you just lose your best communications professional on your team and want to take time to hire the right person? T1 Public Relations can help so you don’t have to be in a hurry to hire.

Does your image need a lift in your community? T1 Public Relations can help!

SAVE IN STAFF COSTS: Low unemployment is causing high staff turnover. T1 Public Relations can help reduce your employment costs. By signing up with T1 Public Relations you can have the professional public relations and creative team you always wanted at a fraction of the cost. We can save you thousands of dollars in insurance costs, full-time salary costs and you will have a better targeted approach to your public relations needs.

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Are you getting the most earned media coverage for your city, county, business, or if you have a high-profile job in sports, business, arts are you getting the coverage that can boost your career? T1 Public Relations will work with you to maximize your image potential whether you need help with social media or on the evening news.

Communication Plans/Public Relations Packages for Government, Businesses and Non-Profits includes:

  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media (content)
  • Publicist/Pitching to media
    • Earned ‘Free’ Media
    • Paid media Plans