Digital Marketing

We can help guide you with your marketing and digital marketing plan.

  • Marketing:
    • Is your organization using the most of marketing in the 21st Century? We can work with you to increase customers to your website or digital marketing that actively attracts the customer you want.
    • We work to make sure your marketing plans are getting the results you want. Our creative team, graphic art support team will design campaigns to attract more customers to your website.
    • We will work with you to target the right audience you are looking to attract.
    • We look for proven, measurable results with one goal in mind. More customers equal more sales.
  • Reach out to T1 Public Relations to learn more how we can help your company, government or tourism department get more customers to your website.
  • One of the most cost-effective ways of reaching a targeted audience is via digital marketing. We can target all specific audiences to view your product or website. With more web traffic you will see an increase in sales or customers to your website. In cases where you do not have a digital marketing plan we can contract out to provide that for your as well.
  • Bottom line, we want to develop a Marketing Plan that will drive people to your business, government or non-profit.
  • Digital Marketing: We can help develop content for your digital marketing needs. We can also contract with you separately for digital marketing. We’ll monitor the plan to make sure you see an increase in web traffic. (Quotes depending on market)
    • If you are not using digital marketing to reach your customers you are falling behind.
  • Advertising: We can look at your current advertising plan to see if it’s the right plan for your target audience. Are you spending your advertising dollars correctly? We will look at your plan each month and provide strategies to more effectively reach your audience while at the same time saving you money in advertising expenses.
  • Do you have an advertising plan? We find many small to medium sized companies don’t. We will look at your current advertising strategies and work with you to make sure those advertising strategies are carried out and supported with your marketing and public relations message throughout the year.
  • Results: We focus our advertising plans on making sure you are getting customers to your website or in the door.

Reach out to our account representatives to see how we can help or call T1 PUBLIC RELATIONS at (813) 261-1202 extension 2.