Members of T1 Public Relations team helped with communications during Florida Wildfires in 2017


(Corporate, Government, Law Enforcement, Emergency Operations)

Crisis Management: Is your team ready to handle your communications in a crisis? What if you lose power will your team still be able to communicate with your management team, customers, citizens and the press? Will you be able to update your social media pages? State and local government have teams ready but shouldn’t your company have your own crisis communications team ready to go in case of a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado?

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Is your company, city, or county handling your crisis effectively with the community and press? Do you need some extra help or a second opinion to advise your leadership team? Has your communications team worked with national networks? We have, and we can help navigate you through the potential pitfalls by not having an experienced communications professional on your team. We offer remote consulting and even can fly directly to your location to help deal with the crisis.

State and local governments are ready for the next hurricane season but is your company ready? Are you in the middle of an unexpected media crisis or crisis in your operation and need community outreach? Our team has decades of experience in dealing with all kinds of disasters, natural from hurricanes to sinkholes.

We can also help you navigate through media issues that are a result of bad policies, bad management or employees making terrible decisions. We can help you repair community trust and move forward.

We have a unique approach of crisis communications and it begins with prevention while at the same time looking at how you are communicating with the public/press.


We have a couple programs that can help you prepare. One program is we will review your crisis communication plan in the event of a crisis like a tornado, hurricane, or manmade like a security breach. We will look for weaknesses in your plan and suggest improvements.

Crisis team:

We are ready to come to you in the event of a full-blown crisis. We have programs where we can consult with your team remotely or if you need hands on dedication we can come to you and work with your team until your crisis subsides. Our team has been a Lead PIO for counties and law enforcement agencies. We can offer a second opinion to your leadership team on difficult media and communications issues.

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