Communication Services

  • Video/Photographic Production
    • We can help tell your story for social media posts, websites, marketing and advertising.
    • We can come to your location and shoot videos that can be put on your website to promote your business, county or tourism industry.
    • We can prepare a tv studio for your video production shoot, hire producers, photographers so you can concentrate on other things like sales.
  • Advertising Review
    • Let us help advise you through the many different advertising platforms so you aren’t wasting your money.
    • We will look at your advertising plans to see if we can save you money and become more effective. We will work with your advertising reps to get you the best advertising price.
  • Media Relations
    • We are available to contract with you for media consultation. Does your team need training on working with local, state or national news organizations? Do you have a relationship with the local media? If not, we can start working with your team so the media start calling you and getting your name placed in important stories. That way you’ll get better brand recognition in the future.
    • Positive media
    • Earned media
    • Dealing with negative media
    • Purchased media
  • Video/Photography Support: If you do not have video production capabilities, our team can assemble some top professionals to tell your story in video. We can handle everything from concept to final video product.
    • We will look at your current video product and work to bring you additional video resources to improve your image and marketing message.
    • Our goal is create interest for your organization or company so people give you a second look which in turn can turn into increased traffic or sales.

Reach out to our account representatives to see how we can help or call T1 PUBLIC RELATIONS at (813) 261-1202, and press #2